The future of meetings online conference

The Future of Diplomacy

The Coronavirus is changing how we meet and interact, ushering new ways of organising conferences and other events. Blended meetings, which combine virtual with face-to-face interactions, will become the norm.

The ongoing transformation of meetings and diplomacy will require us to adapt quickly to this new norm. Future meetings will require us to become conversant with technology, take security into account, adopt new moderation techniques, keep behavioural aspects in mind, and adjust traditional diplomatic meetings to blended formats.

DiploFoundation’s online conference The Future of Meetings was held on Tuesday, 12th May, and tackled the most pressing questions and issues, and how to resolve them. Are good online moderators born or bred? How do we combine online and onsite events into the same policy process? Can we integrate corridor chats into formal virtual meetings?

We have prepared for you a detailed conference report, with video recordings, photos, and statistics from the conference, and have added a section on steps we will take in the upcoming months and how you can participate.

Read the Future of Meetings report
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